Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Queen Of Sheba Does Her Bedroom

So these are the midway photos of my bedroom makeover. I could have taken 'before' photos but I would never have been able to show my face in public again, the shame would be too great. I diagnosed every storage/mess/cesspool problem in our house as stemming from our lack of shed. For eight years my bedroom has doubled as the shed, it wasn't sexy. Our bedroom is a beautiful space, on a mezzanine level, with a funny little landing leading to nought but a window letting in some northern light.

The ceiling is pitched at 40 degrees with exposed beams - I lie in bed feeling like I'm in an upside down ship's hull. It's airy and gorgeous (when clean) (it hasn't been clean for eight years). In all this time we've had nowhere to store clothes and I've struggled to think of a creative way to solve the problem.

Lying in my bed you can see the ballustrade of the stairs, just to the right of this lies our solution. A clever partition wall, behind which sits an Ikea Expedit to hold our folded clothing. Across from the Expedit is a small bit of hanging space. Repeat, small.

Still to come ... floor coverings and a little paint. And that chair needs some serious attention.