Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Getting our merde together.

So this looks like a post-it note with four different ways of saying “shit”, which it is, written by a fourteen-year-old boy. Here’s the context; it is stuck where said teen’s Father will see it first thing in the morning as he makes his way, bleary eyed, downstairs and gets ready for work, long before anyone else in the house has stirred.

Ten years ago the foulest insult the child in question was capable of hurling was, “Do a poo!”, so on some levels things haven’t progressed a great deal.

Perhaps it is maternal hubris to suggest that excrement, feaces [sic] and stool represent new levels of sophistication in the blossoming teen, but there’s more to it than that. I think what it really means is;

(a) There is eternal humour to be found in anything related to the anus.
(b) His vocabulary is totally on the up.
(c) He set up a remote control gag, one that would go off while he lay soundly sleeping.

It’s not that we don’t show each other affection in this house, we do, mawkishly, frequently, heartily and occasionally with a lick, but the currency of the belly-laugh is equally valuable around here as a means of expressing devotion.

Which is why a yellow sticky-note with four different words for crap on it makes my heart swell.

Here's what other people do with sticky notes.

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